What are green sea turtles diet

By | November 14, 2020

what are green sea turtles diet

The green sea turtle Chelonia mydas, also known as the green turtle, black sea turtle or Pacific green turtle, [3] is a species of large sea turtle of the family Cheloniidae. It is the only species in the genus Chelonia. This sea turtle’s dorsoventrally flattened body is covered by a large, teardrop-shaped carapace; it has a pair of large, paddle -like flippers. It is usually lightly colored, although in the eastern Pacific populations parts of the carapace can be almost black. Unlike other members of its family, such as the hawksbill sea turtle, C. The adults usually inhabit shallow lagoons, feeding mostly on various species of seagrasses. Like other sea turtles, green sea turtles migrate long distances between feeding grounds and hatching beaches.

Shades, sun cream and snorkels at the ready, gang! Their carapace can include shades of different colours, including dark brown, green, olive, yellow and black. Great for teachers, homeschoolers and parents alike! Well, these cool creatures are named for their layer of green fat that lies under their shell. Scientists believe this unusual quirky-coloured fat is the result of their veggie diet — unlike most other sea turtles, the green sea turtle eats marine plants such as seaweed and sea grass. These top turtles can be found nesting along the coastline of more than 80 countries around the world, with the largest nesting populations found in Costa Rica and Australia. But they like to spend most of their lives underwater, where they can rest for up to five hours at a time before coming up to breathe. When feeding or travelling, however, they pop up to the surface every three to five minutes for a few seconds of air, before diving back down. Super-strong swimmers, they propel through the water using their strong paddle-like flippers. Adult green turtles breed by the beaches where they were born.

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The National Wildlife Federation. Help Learn to edit Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Atoll Research Bull — The green sea turtle is estimated to inhabit coastal areas of more than countries, with nesting sites in over 80 countries worldwide throughout the year. Our award-winning programs help save sea turtle hatchlings on important nesting beaches around the world, work with the tourism industry to end the turtleshell trade, and educate students and travelers about how to help save sea turtles. Beaches in Southeast Asia, India, islands in the western Pacific, and Central America are where green sea turtles breed. Helping Families through the COVID Outbreak The National Wildlife Federation is providing resources to help families and caregivers across the country provide meaningful educational opportunities and safe outdoor experiences for children during these incredibly difficult times. Join Ranger Rick Inspire a lifelong connection with wildlife and wild places through our children’s publications, products, and activities Learn More. Pledge to Avoid Turtleshell. National Wildlife Federation is a c 3 non-profit organization. She digs a large pit beyond the high tide line and lays 70 – eggs in it before returning to the ocean.

A green sea turtle is most easily recognized by its top shell. Despite its name, a green sea turtle’s shell is not always green. The smooth, heart-shaped shell can be a blend of different colors, including, brown, olive, gray, or black.

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