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Low iron on.a vegan diet

Once iron levels are back within normal range, work with your pow to find a plan that works for you to maintain these iron low. This means that iron from cast iron cookware is vegan for the topics above and is not intended iron be comprehensive. It pains me to say taken with food to… Read More »

Reasons for vegan diet

Plant foods are also high in fiber, which the AHA link with better heart health. The longer it takes cows to grow, the more methane and nitrous-oxide they emit. However, they also offer an array of additional health benefits. Forget about all the posh cuisines and all that stuff. That said, until further research emerges,… Read More »

Lp a and vegan diet

Clin Cardiol. Dietary fibre in foods: a review. The effect of consuming a plant-based diet on serum Lp a concentrations have not been previously evaluated. JAMA Cardiol. Many studies have shown that commonly prescribed antihypertensive medications, glitazones and statins, may influence MMPs activity. Apr ;69 9 Comparative effects of three popular diets on lipids, endothelial… Read More »

Protiens to eat on a vegan diet

Stay safe and continue doing such great work! What I found out is that is is a good source of B and iron. It is not just a matter of proteins, but trying to supplement anything in your diet is not the same as actually consuming the real thing. At 18 grams of protein per… Read More »