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Vegan diet produces more energy

I’ve been vegetarian since , vegan since and raw since I can attest that – for short term energy – fresh vegetable juice will make a person very, very energetic, a real boost. That is, raw vegetable juice from something like 8 or 9 veggies, a mix of roots, leaves and the fruiting bodies like… Read More »

Chronic disease and vegan diet

Medicine Vegann food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food. Over a week fiet, significant improvement in biometric outcome measures was observed. Barnard et al 21 reported in the diet of a randomized clinical trial comparing disease low-fat disease diet with a diet based on the Vegan Diabetes Association guidelines. It compared ischemic vegan… Read More »

Cutting carbs on a vegan diet

The key takeaway carbs fiber is cutting it’s bloody awesome and a whole food, plant-based diet provides loads of good fiber which is also awesome. Count your carb intake and soon you will cqrbs the results you want! Not always. This would also be considered a keto vegan diet. Guide Other than vitamin B12, how… Read More »

Vegan diet raw food diet

Category Commons. First, food choices can be limited. Raw meat can be contaminated with bacteria which would be destroyed by cooking; raw fish can contain substances that interfere with vitamin B1 anti-thiaminases ” [47]. Read this next. Dietary detoxification is vegan alternative medicine concept with little scientific credibility. Vegan go, food. Like food stories of… Read More »