Starch diet vs keto

By | May 10, 2021

starch diet vs keto

By Drew Harrisberg, Jan 23, Exercise physiologist and diabetes educator Drew Harrisberg has been amazed at the improvements to his health within a month of going from keto to plant-based. My story is about how a drastic change in my nutritional approach—going from keto to plant-based—allowed me to regain control of my insulin and blood sugar levels and, ultimately, to thrive again. My name is Drew Harrisberg. The diagnosis came unexpectedly when I was 22 years old. It was a moment that changed my life forever. I remember making a conscious decision that I would become an expert in managing my disease and that I would share everything I discovered with the world. So the journey began. I went back to university and completed my second degree to add to my exercise physiology title, this time in diabetes education and management.

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The Starch Solution is a diet plan developed by John A. McDougall, MD. It is a whole-food, plant-based diet with a heavy emphasis on starches. The majority of compliant foods on The Starch Solution are complex carbohydrates that are high in starch and fiber, such as potatoes, grains, and legumes. According to Dr. McDougall, a diet based on starches is the ideal diet for humans. He claims his diet plan will help people lose weight and support overall health. Because resistant starches tend to be rich in nutrients and health properties, Dr. McDougall believes The Starch Solution is a long-term answer to sustainable weight loss and improved health. However, the Starch Solution eliminates all animal products, vegetable oils, simple sugars, and processed foods. It also limits dietary fats like nuts, seeds, and avocados.

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