Paleo diet raw meat

By | February 3, 2021

paleo diet raw meat

Vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds… and the many different things you can concoct from combinations thereof. Third, it gives me an insane amount of energy. Even the leanest chicken breast contains at least a little bit of fat, and the fat in meat is not magically immune to the dangers of oxidation. A person could be raw vegan, raw vegetarian some dairy or honey may be incorporated, raw omnivore eating both plant and animal products, or raw carnivore. In Andrew F. Both are known animal carcinogens, but those studies used extremely high doses. I posted a ton of recipes and resources as I went. Retrieved 23 January

I also want to preface this with some classic, but always necessary, disclaimers. This is not medical advice. In general, posts on the Internet should be taken for what they are — just information and sharing. Not treatments or diagnoses or direct orders. So the typical paleo outline — no grains, gluten, legumes, sugar, soy, etc. Before I actually tried raw meat, I did a lot of research. Is it really safe? What are the benefits? How will this affect my digestion? Is it really raw?

But what about less obvious forms of processing? Yes, technically it is. So does even home processing compromise the nutrition of your food? Would a true Paleo diet mean eating your steak raw? Not necessarily. Cooking is basically a series of trade-offs: you get some disadvantages, but you also get some fairly significant advantages along for the ride. Provided you take reasonable precautions, raw and cooked meat are both perfectly safe and healthy to eat: pick either one or a combination of both depending on your tastes and preference.

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