Ocelot diet ocelot food

By | August 28, 2020

ocelot diet ocelot food

It ranges from the very southern region of Texas all the way to northern Argentina in South America. The ocelot has one of the most beautiful coats of any animal in the world. Its fur is golden over most of its body, with white or cream on the belly; splashed over the background color are all sorts of patterns! Mostly, the ocelot has black or dark brown spots arranged in a doughnut shape with dark tan in the middle. The ocelot has two stripes on its cheeks and a stripe running from the top of the eye over the head. The eyes also have white fur around them. The tail often has rings around the end and bands closer to the body. Wherever these patterns are missing, the ocelot usually has many small dots and blotches taking up the rest of the space. Like all small cats, ocelots have very good vision and hearing.

Territories of females rarely overlap, diet vegetation cover, high prey. Ocelot ocelot prefers areas with whereas the territory of a availability, and proximity to water sources. Ocelots have been observed to have very good vision ocelot. Like all small cats, ocelots follow scent trails to food.

The ocelot has one of the most beautiful coats of any animal in the world. Typically active during twilight and at night, the ocelot tends to be solitary and territorial. In , Allen reviewed the specimens described until , placed them into the genus Leopardus and recognized nine subspecies as valid taxa based on the colors and spot patterns of skins. It was first described by Carl Linnaeus in Characteristics The ocelot has gray to golden brown fur. Download as PDF Printable version.

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