Natasha oakley diet plan

By | February 21, 2021

natasha oakley diet plan

Model and designer Natasha Oakley has shared some of the secrets behind her sizzling bikini body. The Australian social media star claims there’s one thing she always strives for when booking a holiday or travelling. Natasha said she feels ‘accomplished and energised’ by squeezing in a workout and is firm on never dieting. It helps me maintain my structure and feel good,’ she said. Natsha said she likes to stay in resorts and hotels with a gym on the premises, as she workouts in the morning before eating breakfast. The A Bikini A Day founder has spoken about how being trolled on social media four yours ago motivated her to transform her body. As a pescetarian, Natasha loves to eat lots of salads and fresh foods, and refuses to adhere to any fad diets. I generally have a healthy diet and crave healthy food,’ she said, admitting she does like to indulge in chocolate or pasta every now and then. Natasha has been criticised in the past for photo-shopping some of her photos where she models her scantily-clad Monday swimwear. The newly-single LA-based star is currently enjoying a holiday in Sydney. Argos AO.

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They make their livelihood off of their incredible beach bodies as the model faces behind their blog, A Bikini A Day. Sharing the secrets behind their enviable physiques, the two bikini babes opened up their food diary on Wednesday, revealing a low carb, salad rich regime. Scroll down for video. The jet-setting duo outlined their general meal plans based on the cities they most regularly frequent with Los Angeles being the location they most stringently control their diet. A typical breakfast in the Californian metropolis consists of a fruit smoothie while lunch and dinner are usually occupied by a salad and sushi respectively. It’s a different case on the East Coast where the ladies, who are strong believers in moderation and balance, indulge in a more hearty menu. Her workplace: year-old Tash strips down to her two-piece on a daily basis so is careful about how she maintains her figure. Popular: Since launching their blog, Devin has attracted close to , followers on Instagram. Granola with seasonal berries and yogurt will often form their first meal of the day, followed later by a quinoa salad topped with corn, spinach and chicken.

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