Kristina bezenah keto diet

By | August 14, 2020

kristina bezenah keto diet

I should also say that I didn’t experience the dreaded keto flu like many others have. This has been a long and hard journey and there were many times I thought I might give up. Keto Before After. I still don’t eat a lot of bread, pasta, and rice, for example—but I do give myself a free pass every now and then. I was also doing some very light exercise, too, maybe 30 minutes of walking a day with some simple bodyweight exercises-nothing too extreme. In the latest episode of Home Hacks, you’ll learn how to do three different science experiments that involve food coloring. My plan was to hit my goalweight within one year. Weight Loss.

During the first few days, I felt a touch disoriented, but other than that, I felt totally fine. These pimple patches will help tackle your acne breakouts one spot at a time. My plan was to hit my goalweight within one year. I was very, very strict about it—paying special attention to my net carbs—but still eating good, healthy foods, like a lot of healthy fats and lean meats.

It is amazing what can be done when you switch your lifestyle over to a keto approach to life. This is exactly what Kristina has done — as you see from her high school photo on the left, progressing clockwise as she begins keto and sees her whole life change. It is not surprising to hear Kristina say she got out of a toxic relationship and decided to take control of her life. As she wrote on instagram when the results were getting noticed. Some people have known me a long time and have seen my progress, but some only know me now and don’t know what I used to be. There are a few years of my life with zero to very few pictures of me because I hated the way I looked. After getting out of a toxic relationship when I ate my feelings out of depression, I was able to lose a little bit on my own by focusing on me and getting back into activities I loved musical theater and overall being happy again. But I was still overweight and sort of hit a plateau, so I gave up on trying because nothing seemed to be working. It wasn’t until October of that I learned about the ketogenic lifestyle and started that way of eating and was able to lose 10 pounds in 2 months, just from making better food choices. In January of , I began a fitness regime, going to the gym about days a week doing a mix of weight lifting and cardio.

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