Humas on keto diet

By | October 18, 2020

humas on keto diet

Are you a wholesaler? Everybody I know loves hummus. It’s always the first to go at potlucks and is the guilty snack staple of every health-minded person in the U. Once you’re old enough to start caring about what you put in your body, hummus stands tall as the alternative to queso or pretzel bites. And for good reason; it’s savory, versatile, and tastes good with just about anything, but what happens when you decide to adopt a ketogenic diet? Can you keep showing up to house parties early to get in on the hummus? No, at least not traditional hummus that uses chickpeas. Keto prioritizes carb restriction. Depending on your weight, your carb consumption could be restricted to anywhere from 20gg of carbs per day. That’s not a lot, and hummus is pretty full of them.

Made from roasted garlic and roasted cauliflower, this healthy, keto hummus is the perfect complement to your chips and veggies! I simply LOVE hummus. All kinds of hummus. But my most favorite hummus is roasted garlic hummus. So, naturally, that was something I wanted to recreate. That is part of the beauty of being a recipe creator and that is that I get to create all the things that I used to love so that I can love them once again! Hummus is a tricky one since the main ingredient is not keto. But that was an easy fix. Often times, yes. I imagine you could have guessed that. Chickpeas are a bean garbanzo bean that is relatively high in carbs. In order to make keto hummus, we replace chickpeas and instead use roasted cauliflower as the base.

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Keto prioritizes carb restriction. Keeping it covered in an airtight container will help maximize freshness and storage time. When those beans are made into hummus, that number goes up to Cook Time Passive Time 10 minutes 5 minutes. I tweaked it just a bit by skipping the water and baking the cauliflower, oil, salt and garlic cloves for about 45 minutes flipping it over halfway through to get a nice overall browning on the cauliflower and garlic. Therefore, calling this recipe keto hummus is not correct because Chickpeas or Hummus is not one of its ingredients. Here’s a more detailed breakdown for a cup of commercial hummus.

As you can see, the downside comes in the carbs. Zucchini fettuccine. If you have a more powerful food diet such as a Humas, that will work too. I left it covered most of the keto, then took the lid off at the end to boil off the liquid.

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