How to build muscle for vegan diet

By | April 9, 2021

how to build muscle for vegan diet

Building muscle as a vegan is about simple lifestyle and dietary changes; for those who take building muscle seriously at a professional level. For those who are just looking to tone up and maintain muscle, this is completely possible on a vegan diet too. Our guide answers everything from questions about protein, to deficiencies, to what sort of foods you should be eating when trying to build muscle on a plant-based diet. To build muscle, you need protein, and contrary to what some believe, it is completely possible to get enough of it on a vegan diet. You can eat everything from pulses such as lentils and beans to soy-based foods and vegan meat products. The Beyond Burger, made by vegan meat brand Beyond Meat, contains even more protein than a traditional beef burger at 20 grams per patty. In fact, Mangels warns that everyone — including athletes — need to be careful about consuming too much protein.

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