Elimination low fodmap diet

By | August 29, 2020

elimination low fodmap diet

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But if you’re the curious type, or a medical professional, you might like to know more of the science behind the diet and how a FODMAP elimination diet is meant to work. The term was coined by Australian researchers Susan J. Shepherd and Peter R. A low-FODMAP diet avoids foods containing certain sugars and certain fibers capable of causing diarrhea, constipation, gas, bloating and abdominal pain in people with IBS. They are rapidly fermented by the bacteria that live in your gut. They are capable of pulling fluid into the gut in a process called osmosis. The increased fluid load, along with the type and amount of gas produced, cause distension and motility changes, leading to bouts of IBS symptoms. By reducing the overall dietary load of these carbohydrates, troublesome GI symptoms can be minimized or eliminated. At the beginning, and if you are a good candidate for the diet, you might be advised to limit all of the FODMAPs in your diet. For example, if you discover high-FODMAP fruits are a problem area but apples are your favorite food, your new knowledge can help you to decide how to handle it: choose smaller apples, eat just a few slices, eat them less often or go for the gusto and endure the resulting belly ache. The ultimate goal is for each person to eat the most varied diet that he or she can tolerate, not to restrict the diet with one-size-fits-all rules.

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