Does keto diet increase chance of gallbladder stones

By | December 9, 2020

does keto diet increase chance of gallbladder stones

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The answer is a little bit complicated depending on what logic you are using. It may also depend on whether you already have gallstones or not. If you have had gallstone attacks, conventional advice is a low fat diet to prevent further attacks. Contrast this with. Contrast this with advice given to people with kidney stones who are generally recommended to increase their fluid intake. The website below cites three studies that show increased risk of gallstone formation on low fat diets, the logic being that the bile sits in the gallbladder for longer, thereby increasing the likelihood of stone formation. Gallstones and Low Carb – Diet Doctor. As both Atkins and Keto are high fat diets, it stands to reason your gallbladder will get flushed more regularly and in higher volumes. This might help prevent gallstone formation, BUT it might bring on a gallbladder attack if you dislodge an existing gallstone. From the same site, here is a summary of a Swedish study of people who already had gallstone problems and who went on LCHF diet.

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