Do vitamins include your diet

By | September 24, 2020

do vitamins include your diet

The answer is a qualified yes — we can do without them, as long as you eat a well-balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables. In the past, doctors often suggested a standard multivitamin with minerals each day. They don’t cost much, and earlier studies had shown some benefits. For example, it appeared that folic acid and other B vitamins might lower the risk of heart disease, stroke and possibly cancer. But more recent studies have shown no added benefit of multivitamins for healthy people that eat a balanced diet. Experts agree that the best way to get the nutrients we need is through food. A balanced diet — one containing plenty of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains — offers a mix of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients some yet to be identified that collectively meet the body’s needs. Maybe what counts is the synergistic interactions of these nutrients — which might also help explain why trials of single nutrients often don’t pan out. Women should take micrograms of folic acid a day during their childbearing years. This is the amount in a standard multiple vitamin.

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Vitamin B6 is involved in brain development during pregnancy and infancy. Victorian State Public Health Nutritionist, Veronica Graham shows us how to cook a light and healthy Christmas meal without overindulging. Free radicals have a well-deserved reputation for causing cellular damage. Manufacturers do not have to prove a supplement is safe or even that it works before it is sold. They also provide your body with essential fatty acids, important for keeping your muscles, skin and other tissue healthy. Content on this website is provided for information purposes only. To some extent, you can think of these vitamins as time-release micronutrients. Service Search Service Search. Sesso was a lead researcher in one of the largest studies to date on multivitamins, the Physicians’ Health Study II, which found that multivitamins were associated with a small reduction in the risk of cancer and cataracts in men, but did not reduce deaths from heart disease.

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