Dieting for 2 weeks with no results

By | January 4, 2021

dieting for 2 weeks with no results

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It’s the ultimate pipe dream — you cut out the crap and clean up your diet and BAM, you’re looking fit in no time. Though anyone who’s tried to eat ‘clean’ will attest, when you don’t look like Adriana Lima or Chris Hemsworth after a few days you get tempted to give up. We’ve become an impatient society who want everything quickly, results from dieting being no exception — and it doesn’t help that we see people on reality TV losing kilos a week. While that’s just not realistic in everyday life, would it help you stay on the wagon if we told you that you can see results in as little as two weeks? In fact I would say that the initial weeks are the most important when it comes to working on sustainable lifestyle strategies,” Dietitian Susie Burrell told The Huffington Post Australia. What we know from behavioural research is that people are most likely to stick to a program when they get initial results. Burrell runs a two week kick start program, Shape Me, for her clients in spring which is very popular. It seems the warmer weather serves as motivation to start, and with results promised in two weeks, that’s a good incentive to keep going. A calorie-controlled, carbohydrate-controlled intake over a one-to-two-week period will generally result in a couple of kilos weight loss. While some of this is fluid and the muscles readjusting to a lower carbohydrate intake, some will be fat and that initial loss on the scales is extremely powerful psychologically when it comes to helping us finding the motivation to keep going,” Burrell said.

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I am 3 weeks into exercising and tracking calories. Immediately I saw a 4 pound weight loss, three days later I gained it right back not changing intake. Now the scale has not budged since. I work out at least 4 days a week–cardio and strength training, also riding a bike once a week for at least an hour outside.

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