Diet soda before blood test?

By | April 16, 2021

diet soda before blood test?

I am getting a thyroid and cholesterol test, haven’t eaten, but, really want a diet soda, does that count? Yeah, don’t do it. Of course if they say no water,for whatever reason I wouldn’t do it,but I’m sure a Little water will be fine for you to have. Isn’t it funny how badly you want things you can’t have? Human nature is so weird! I’d probably never eat one usually though! Yes, everything counts except for water. The chemicals in diet soda, milk, etc When you fast, try and get your blood test done first thing in the morning and bring a snack along with you in case you need it immediatelly following.

Eat smaller portions. Triglycerides are also measured after fasting because their levels remain elevated after a meal. How long do you fast for fasting blood work. Yeah my doc gave me the drink at my last visit so I could put it in the fridge.

That could affect the results. Atlanta: U. According to UC Davis, artificial sweeteners including acesulfame K, aspartame, tests do not affect blood sugar. Fasting for a Blood Test. The medical information provided is. Apply for a Free Consult.

Most of the time it’s OK test? take your usual medicines, but you may need to avoid certain before, especially if they need to be taken with food. Gurmukh Singh answered. Which will, in fact, skew results. However, just because some soda the diet on this list don’t affect blood sugar doesn’t mean you can drink diet sodas containing them before your test. Visit blood writer at As most Diabetics and many non-diabetics have issues with Candida – whether they realise it or not, it is not to be recommended, as I have learned to my cost.

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