Benefits of following a wheat free diet uk

By | March 23, 2021

benefits of following a wheat free diet uk

Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye and is present in any food or drink made from or containing these grains. It’s a common myth that a gluten free diet is healthier than a diet containing gluten. This isn’t true, both can be healthy. If you’re following a gluten-free diet you need to ensure you’re only eating foods that don’t contain gluten. You can find gluten-free alternatives to these foods and drinks in your nearest supermarket, health food shop or on prescription. Because of this, people with coeliac disease are advised to eat specifically prepared uncontaminated gluten-free oats. However, even with uncontaminated gluten-free oats, a small percentage of people remain sensitive to avenin – a protein found in oats which is similar to gluten.

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Celiac disease healthy eating tips. A recent study by Slim and colleagues reported the results of the first study of a GFD for fibromyalgia. Therefore, foods made from corn flour are also avoided. Wheat flours have different names based on how the wheat is milled or the flour is processed. Moreover, cutting out grains may cause some people to naturally increase the quantity or variety of fruits and vegetables they eat — both of which may help reduce inflammation 17, 18, Home Recipes Not sure what to cook?

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