Appetizers for paleo diet

By | April 4, 2021

appetizers for paleo diet

One of the things I love about the lead up to Christmas and New Years is getting together to celebrate with friends and family. A colourful antipasto platter of paleo-friendly foods is a sure party pleaser. For a winning platter, include a variety of flavours, textures, and colours. Steph Gaudreau has a great post on how to put together a healthy charcuterie board here. You can also make a platter of paleo crackers and vegetable sticks served with a variety of dips. You can also make some sweet potato chips for dipping. A big plate of chicken wings is always a winner at parties.

Got it! The chicken and bacon provide protein, while the jalapenos appetizers it up and give it a nice flavor. Powered by Social Paleo. They’re crispy and juicy, and the glaze has a perfect mix of for and savory flavors. Saucy Spicy Meatballs Appetizers. Sweet potato is another versatile ingredient. Or, how about for and pineapple ceviche paleo roasted diet potato slices? Ham and Cucumber Roll Up Ham and cucumber combine in these roll ups, making for a nice display so you diet serve them up by the trayful.

Browse through and choose the ones that jump out at you as you construct the perfect Paleo party food. Photo: Canada Girl Eats Paleo. Since bacon is an authorized Paleo food you are free to enjoy it as you like, unlike many other diet programs. She gives the option of using a little coconut sugar, and that plays really well with the other flavors. The sweetness contrasts with the savory bacon and the tartness of the olives. Smoked Oyster Spread Oysters are definitely Paleo, as is anything you can basically just pull out of the ocean and eat.

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