Anti inflammatory diet sardines

By | March 17, 2021

anti inflammatory diet sardines

Is it just me, or do sardines get a really bad rap? They are, in essence, the unsung hero of our seas! Here are 5 delicious ways to incorporate these salty little suckers into your diet. Toast up a coupla slices of your favourite bread and lightly grill your sardines. Thread a skewer through the tail end and one through the head end of your sardines and bbq them for 3 minutes per side. They make a great entree, a side to salads or part of seafood platter. As with most fish, be liberal with the lemon juice and you can hardly go wrong. Simply roast any leftover greens asparagus, brocollini and snow peas work a treat in sesame oil with sardines, salt and pepper for 15 minutes. Serve with brown rice and drizzle of coconut aminos for an easy, Asian-inspired dish. The saltiness of the fish really speaks for itself, meaning you can lob together a few staple ingredients and have yourself a Jamie Oliver-esque dinner ready in under fifteen minutes. Fry the sardines with some pine nuts, fresh parsley and olive oil, add to freshly cooked pasta then squeeze over some lemon juice.

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