Epigenetics and ketogenic diet

Histones are subject to epigenetic modifications that can impact gene expression. Acetylation i. Histone acetylation loosens the bond between DNA and histones thereby opening up regions of our DNA allowing cellular machinery to locate these areas, bind to them, recruit the necessary enzymes, and ultimately transcribe our genes for later translation into functioning proteins. Histone… Read More »

Vitamin c ketogenic diet perfect health

I started low-carb Paleo dieting in late I ate a lot of vegetables but no starches and hardly any fruit. In retrospect, I would call it a near zero-carb diet. At that time I was 12 years into a chronic illness that got a little worse each year and was quite mysterious to me. Adopting… Read More »

What is normal diet calorie for woman

Ever wondered what the daily calorie intake for women looks like? While the NHS does give us a rough outline quick re-cap: for those of us with two pairs of X chromosomes, that’s around 2,kcal of course, factors like how active you are will come into play. If you’re a diehard F45 -er with a… Read More »

Does the 8 hour diet work

Maintaining weight can be difficult, glad that you are succeeding. So does it really work? I’m a 62 year old Caucasian male. It also meant that supper had to be eaten by 5 or 6pm — a tough task for someone as disorganised as me. I have been intermittent fasting now for four years. Now… Read More »