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Media that became too critical of Ciller would get Grey Wolves-linked militias rioting in front of their doorstep. After Ciller's resignation in , she led the True Path Party until Mehmet Agar took over after that, but the party was basically a lost cause by then. Perincek's party had great access to inside sources and often was the first and only to publish classified reports of the National Intelligence Service MIT.

Perincek made an interesting new claim during the interview and said that the police chief Huseyin Kocadag, one of the victims of the Susurluk road accident, was the French connection of the drug trafficking into Turkey from Syria. Perincek [also] called on left wing parties to unite and said that the left was being divided.

But it appears the coup was more about Afghan heroin than Caspian oil. Ciller and Agar wanted to install a previous president, Abulfaz Elchibey, who would allow Afghan heroin to pass unrestrictedthrough Azerbaijan into Turkey. Tellingly, since the Afghan invasion in , Dostum has been a principal ally of the United States and soon resurfaced as a key player in the Afghan heroin trade.

Craig Murray, British ambassador to Uzbekistan from to remarked: I stood at the Friendship Bridge at Termez [Uzbekistan] in and watched the Jeeps with blacked-out windows bringing the heroin through from Afghanistan, en route to Europe. I watched the tankers of chemicals roaring into Afghanistan. Yet I could not persuade my country to do anything about it.

He became concerned at the vast amounts of heroin coming from Afghanistan, in particular from the fiefdom of the now head of the Afghan armed forces, General Abdul Rashid Dostum, in north and east Afghanistan. Dostum is an Uzbek, and the heroin passes over the Friendship Bridge from Afghanistan to Uzbekistan, where it is taken over by President Islam Karimov's people. It is then shipped up the railway line, in bales of cotton, to St Petersburg and Riga.

The UK, United States and Germany have all invested large sums in donating the most sophisticated detection and screening equipment to the Uzbek customs centre at Termez to stop the heroin coming through. But the convoys of Jeeps running between Dostum and Karimov are simply waved around the side of the facility. Of course, the only reason the words of Murray made the Daily Mail is because he implicated Putin in the drug trade.

Maybe Putin is; maybe he isn't. Certainly he has less worries when it comes to financing questionable black operations that need to circumvent congress. And while Karimov is an ally of Putin, also the CIA has used him for extraordinary rendition flights.

He had a number of suspected terrorists beaten, raped, and boiled alive, with whatever information they gave shipped off to the CIA, who shared it with MI6. President Karimov and his daughter Gulnara, in photographed hanging out with Nat Rothschild , are quite literally mafia.

Uzbekistan's biggest mafia boss, Salim Abduvaliyev, has been a close friend of the family for many years and has been selling government positions to the highest bidder. His primary mafia rival, Gafur Rakhimov, is more important to discuss in this case. Rakhimov, described as allegedly a major trafficker of heroin into Europe, was a close ally of Zionist-oriented Solntsevskaya mafia bosses Sergei Mikhailov and Semion Mogilevich. A life-long friend of Rakhimov is leading billionaire Uzbek-Russian oligarch Alisher Usmanov, another ally of Solntsevskaya.

What does this mean? Maybe that the heroin doesn't end up with Putin, just because it is shipped to or through Russia. A lot of it, possibly all, could just as well end up with these oligarchs and mafia elements. Abdul Wali Karzai is the biggest drug baron of Afghanistan. He had been earlier accused in newspapers of involvement in the heroin trade. In July he was shot by his trusted head of security, Sardar Mohammad, who had been acting erratic for some weeks.

Hamid Gul was also quoted as saying: You said very rightly that the drug routes are northward through the Central Asia republics and through some of the Russian territory, and then into Europe and beyond. But some of it is going directly. That is by the military aircraft. I have so many times in my interviews said, 'Please listen to this information, because I am an aware person. And some of them are very authentic.

I can judge that. So they are saying that the American military aircraft are being used for this purpose. So, if that is true, it is very, very disturbing indeed. Yes, [the Americans] are in ideal situation for this.

They control the Bagram airfield from where the Air Force transport planes fly to a U. In the last two years this base became the largest transit hub for moving Afghan heroin to other US bases and installations in Europe. Much of it goes to Kosovo in the former Yugoslavia. Drug traffickers enjoy relative safety on military bases.

There is no serious control there. German police cannot work there. However, outside of military bases German law-enforcement is in effect. True, any police can be bought. But the level of corruption in Germany is not as high as, say, in Russia.

This is why it is more convenient for Americans to establish distribution centers in other places. I believe that, in time, such centers will move to their military installations in Poznan, Poland, and also in Romania and Bulgaria.

Corruption in these countries is almost as high as in Russia. About tons of heroin a year [is brought to Europe by America]. When Poznan become open, I think it could rise to 50, even 70 tons. Actually, this is what they did already in Indochina in the ss and in Central America in the s.

In the first place [the reason is] personal enrichment. Second, special services make huge amounts of money out of drug trafficking. They can spend this money at their own discretion, without the knowledge of the Congress and even the U.

Finally, with this money secret services can solve certain political problems. For example, they can enter into mutually profitable agreements with Afghan warlords, who give protection to drug business in their fiefdoms. This also gives secret services powerful influence on Kosovo Albanian diaspora in Europe, which is more than one million strong.

It is a kind of fifth column of the United States in the old Europe. The new American route for drug trafficking creates an alternative to the old ones, which included transit through Russia. The new route is no longer controlled from inside Russia, but by other forces. So the smaller drug traffic through Russia is, the weaker is the drug mafia, which has contacts with external forces.

What is certain is that the United States never had a serious policy to stop the opium trade in Afghanistan. It just targets the two percent of the trade linked to Al Qaeda and Taliban fundraising. Most of the rest is left untouched, except maybe a PR stunt here and there. Of course, Hamid Karzai has done his best to protect this policy. He spoke about the association between the terrorists [Taliban] and the drug dealers that was causing all the problems and conveniently argued that back in the Taliban's profit of selling drugs was going down and therefore temporarily ceased production to drive up prices for the next year.

The next year the poppies would have come back in full strength, assured Karzai. That still doesn't explain why the Taliban was able to stop 90 percent of opium production in one year while it increased 50 percent from its previous high under U. Then again, how serious can we take Karzai when, during the same CFR meeting, he asks: What is the finished product called? This question is coming from the president of a country that dominates the worldwide heroin supply and who, at the same time, had a brother deeply involved in the heroin trade.

Here is the perspective of the reporter that interviewed Hamid Gul in Two of the U. The vast majority of drug lords, in other words, are explicitly excluded as targets under the new strategy. Or, to put it yet another way, the U. We would almost forget that we were discussing the coup of Tansu Ciller and Mehmet Agar against Azerbaijan, alleged over heroin trade routes. The more one looks into the background of Ciller, the more one realizes that Workers' Party leader Dogu Perincek was right when he wrote that Ciller was basically a CIA station chief of Turkey.

Ciller studied and taught in the United States, including postdoctoral studies at Yale, and received U.

She went back to Turkey, became a professor at University in Istanbul, and president of Istanbul Bank. In she entered politics by joining the conservative True Path Party DYP and as economic advisor to prime minister and soon president Suleyman Demirel. It appears that all this time her U.

She maintained close ties with the Gulen movement, which is increasingly seen as an arm of the CIA to influence the Central Asian theater. She also cultivated a good relationship with the Mossad, blocked Russian oil tankers from going through the Bosporus, and promoted a Caspian oil pipeline that circumvented Russian territory.

While never having been invited toBilderberg or the Trilateral Commission, Ciller had her share of high level liberal establishment ties. The least important of these might be that she visited Davos in Among the financiers were the Rockefellers, Warren Buffett and Joe Firmage with conference participants that included Henry Kissinger, Maurice Strong,Zbigniew Brzezinski, and a peculiar bunch of new age gurus. Albright and her later National Democratic Institute for International Affairs has been intervening relentlessly in eastern Europe over the years.

It must be stressed that we're almost exclusively talking here about individuals at the top of ISGP's Superclass Index. After the Susurluk inciden t and Ciller's declining popularity among the masses, Koc Holding, Turkey's largest multinational and primary Bilderberg representative in the country, still wanted to get rid of not just a too pro-Islamic prime ministerNecmettin Erbakan, but also Ciller, at that point deputy prime minister and foreign affairs minister.

She went in the attack by accusing Koc Holding of joining forces with major daily newspapers in an attempt to topple Prime Minister Necmettin Erbakan's government, and asking listeners at a rally if they were willing to surrender to a government formed by monopolistic capital and a cartel of the media? Clearly the accusations were hypocritical, because the only alternative she offered the people was a cartel of the military, mafia, and Gladio terrorists. The attack also didn't work. With a little help of the Koc-allied military, Erbakan was outof office by June 30, The increasingly unpopular Ciller, who had been forced into a partnership with Erbakan, was not given the option of forming a new government.

Whether Ciller's outing was a good development or not for the West remains to be seen. In the Tayyip Erdogan era began. For over 10 years it was relatively quiet until in May protests broke out over a lack of freedom in the press and a threat that Islamic-inspired laws were to be introduced.

A police crackdown only resulted in more protests and criticism of the international media. Erdogan went into survival mode after investigations into him personally, his family members and other individuals surrounding him, famously trying to ban Twitter, Facebook, and other websites.

Even after his election as president, a more symbolic position than prime minister, he is thought to keep a strong hold over the cabinet. Always seen as a closet Muslim extremist, Erdogan is also suspected of being supportive of the Islamic State. Needless to say Erdogan has been in continuous conflict with the Koc Group since , as well as the allegedly CIA-backed Gulen movement that stands accused of having infiltrated the government.

The following words are of Vladimir Filin, chairman of Far West and thus himself accused of drug trafficking, who seems to be in a perpetual love-hate relationship with the CIA and seemingly MI6. Besides the Tajik, this business attracted the government circles of Turkmenistan. The country is well located for this: Afghan heroin comes to Azerbaijan from Iran as well.

It used to come from Turkey too before last spring when they closed Batum [Turkish city on the Black Sea]. I believe it won't stay closed for long. They control it indirectly, of course, but very effectively.

In the end of the British came to the Kanduz province. It's their zone in Afghanistan. Within the multinational forces they are responsible for drugs control in the entire Afghanistan, not just in their zone in the north. To be more precise, officially they are supposed to fight poppy cultivation. Not the Americans, but the British are responsible for that. They began by flooding with drugs their own country. The use of heroin in Britain went up 1,5 times within one year. And four fifth of all heroin was trafficked through Tajikistan.

After that they decided that it was enough for Britain and turned to the Russian market. They recruited big narcobarons, who were prominent statesmen of Tajikistan and had influence with the Tajik diaspora in Russia. This is a typical commercial recruiting through intermediaries, a traditional British method. Yes, indirectly they control about 70 percent of both whole and retail sales of heroin. They do this through Tajik and Russian citizens, recruited on a commercial basis. True, already back [in the mids] the British entered into the [heroin trafficking] picture, represented by Aga Khan IV Foundation.

But that had only local significance. Why necessarily the army [to protect heroin shipments]? Aga Khan IV Foundation always did this as well. And then not the entire army was involved in this. Look up their biographies in the Club membership list for an interesting read. The family represents the Muslim Ismaili sect and is very close to the Rothschilds, Lazards and Rockefellers--all of them also belonging to the It is also interesting to note that Filin mentions Turkm enistan, a country that was reportedly also involved in the heroin coup of Ciller.

However, it seems that heroin reaches the West via a multitude of routes through all kinds of different countries. Filin is primarily concerned here with Russia's enormous heroin problem that exploded immediately after the U. The more one looks into the Afghan heroin trade, the more it seems that the United States, nor any other government, really controls the flow of drugs. It is just allowed to flourish and of the annual 6, tons of produced opium only a very small part is smuggled by CIA, MI6 or other government elements.

No evidence at this point that Demmink was in Turkey. Clearly Ciller and Agar were deeply involved in the heroin trade in the s and Huseyin Baybasin and his brother Abdullah were simply one of a number of drug traffickers used by the Turkish government.

Amazingly, there is actually evidence and increasing controversy that the Dutch government extensively copy-pasted phone tap recordings to get Huseyin Baybasin behind bars. Locking up the dealer for 20 years, the absolute maximum, is also intriguing.

In addition, Adele van der Plas has madea July document available, in between the two arrests of Baybasin related to drug trafficking, which appears to demonstrate that Demmink most certainly played an important role in blocking Baybasin from extradition: Ruyters] explains that an extradition decision and thus asylum decision can't be made now.

Baybasin case is used a leverage in order to get something done from the Turkish authorities in another case. At this moment negotiations are taking place by Foreign Affairs.

Demmink will go on vacation this Thursday it will be attempted to finalize the decision making Thursday-morning at the latest. An exact quote of Ruyter also indicates that the Turkish government might well use information of Baybasin against the Netherlands if he were to be extradited: The Dossier Baybasin can be used by Turkish authorities as leverage to play out other cases.

This document doesn't seem to be questioned. It is close to 70 pages long, contains the names of various high officials, but unfortunately is written entirely in Turkish without Van der Plas having made a full translation available. It is possible to distill various key names from the text and come to the conclusion that it indeed involves blackmail from Tansu Ciller towards minister of justice Winnie Sorgdrager and her assistant Joris Demmink over parties that Demmink would have attended in Turkey, among them a one in Bodrum.

Luckily, the report is discussed by the Court of The Hague in September According to the court, the document seems tobe genuine and to contain numerous correct references to Dutch dossier numbers. It's only a summary file, however, and may overreach its data in various aspects. According to the [EK RAPOR] report the appealer [Baybasin] was punished for his mediating role at the time between the Turkish military authorities and the PKK as well because he publicly talked about the involvement of high government officials and politicians in the international heroin trade.

According to the report, it is a fact that [Baybasin] was arrested shortly after he traveled to the Netherlands in correct: According to the report, in early , when [Baybasin] couldn't be extradited, the plotting of the conspiracy against [Baybasin] by the then-Dutch and then-Turkish government officials began at a meeting between the Turkish prime minister [then vice prime minister and foreign affairs minister], Mrs. Tansu Ciller, and the Dutch minister of justice, Sorgdrager, in the presence of among other her assistant, Mr.

At this point the Demmink dossier would have been placed on the table to enforce the message of Ciller that [Baybasin] should be silenced. In support of the EK RAPOR there is the written declaration of a Turkish investigative journalist, Mehmet Ceviker, who also states to have investigated the case against [Baybasin],with the same result as the investigation of Celibi. While it is hard to imagine that the lengthy EK RAPOR report is a forgery, at the same time we do not exactly know what interests are at play here.

If the information in the report has been invented, then we have to assume that influential elements in the Turkish government have their reasons for doing this, not just a Baybasin or Van der Plas. The main obstacle is that Joris Demmink claims to have last visited Turkey in Now, Van der Plas has provided the world with another one page document from Turkey that purports to show the dates that Demmink traveled into Turkey.

The problem with this document, besides the data, is that it doesn't show any names and is only a translation. The translating agency is real enough, but is the original document? The document is overwhelmingly ignored, most likely because most people suspect it's a forgery. Of course people went looking for this evidence. On a number of forums and internet sites it is claimed that there is proof that Demmink visited Turkey as chairman of the K4 committee, a working group with the European Union.

Because Demmink was the chairman of the K4 committee in March , it has been inferred here and there that in March he was also the chair of the K4 Committee [ A little checking proves this false. Demmink stepped down as the committee chair in June and another easily available document shows that by October 16, Demmink had been replaced with another chairman. Isn't it interesting then that Adele van der Plas in an October press release wrote that: The dates indicated on the [Demmink entry data] list match directly to the visit to Ankara from the EU K4 Committee, a European committee in which Demmink had represented the Netherlands.

The same month shepresented this document and this claim as evidence to the U. Helsinki Commission, concerned with human rights, at the U. Because the Netherlands refused to prosecute Demmink and reopen an investigation of her client--drug lord Huseyin Baybasin--she asked for Holland's triple A status on child abuse to be taken away and for the International Court of Justice in The Hague to be moved to a different country.

The committee investigated the claims, but eventually found them to be bogus: Demmink was present during the meetings. It has also been established which European officials participated in the March K4 Committee meeting in Ankara, Turkey.

Demmink was not one of them. Moreover, his role in that Committee had ended on June 30, , more than nine months before the meeting took place.

Adele van der Plas has been lying in front of the U. Congress about the Demmink affair. Interestingly, besides the Dutch-American Robert Rubinstein, who became involved in the Demmink campaign at this point, a person with name Taras Kuzio wrote a few articles for United Press International completely in favor of Van der Plas.

His description of Micha Kat is particularly hilarious: Investigative journalist and civic activist Micha Kat is threatened with imprisonment for a range of alleged crimes, one of which is writing danger: Kat is well known for his website klokkenluideronline.

There's more to the biography of Kuzio, but you get the point. Let's face it, we are only halfway the article and it already begins to look like Van der Plas and Bakker Schut have been nothing but agents of these obscure but very powerful forces. Besides their involvement with Huseyin Baybasin, why not take a brief look at the history of these lawyers: Pieter Bakker Schut d.

Went to University of Leiden where he joined the elite Minerva fraternity, where most of the royals also go to. Bakker Schut completely supported the ideals of RAF, including the casualties its terrorism caused. He also supports drug trafficking on the pretense that the government shouldn't make drugs as cocaine and heroin illegal. Kok is a drug trafficker and illegal arms dealer with major ties to international intelligence services.

Volkert van der Graaf, who murdered the Dutch would-be prime minister in , also immediately asked for Bakker Schut to defend him. He ended up with a close colleague of Bakker Schut instead. More on this aspect later. She hires Klaas Langendoen to research the Turkish allegations against Demmink.

Langendoen, the former chief of the Criminal Intelligence Service, stood at the core of the IRT affair in which Mink Kok was allowed to import 15 tons of Cali cartel cocaine without obstruction. When Child Traffickers Rule a Nation, in which clearly quite a bit of money has been pumped. It features the alleged victims that Demmink made in Turkey in Demmink, however, claims to have last been in Turkey in the late s. Judging from the other evidence gathered against Demmink don't be surprised if that is the truth.

Just before finishing up this article, I ran across a story that I had completely forgotten about. It's an incredible key piece of information. In fact, I mentioned it in the original article, written in , that has now been replaced. Let's cite it again: Now let's take a look at a version of the Telegraaf: The cause of that was an accusation of participation in a pedophile network by Richard Samson, bookkeeper of child pimp [Karel] Maasdam, at the address of Hans Vrakking, the chief prosecutor in Amsterdam [and head of the Rolodex investigation].

Subsequently the [intelligence service] began investigation 'Tartarus', in which Vrakking was questioned in early He explained to the BVD [intelligence service] that accusations were completely bogus. Those stories have been launched by the Club: While I would be able to guess it today, that apparently was not the case in In a burst of unusual logical deduction for a mainstream media outlet, the Telegraaf itself explained some of the implications of this information: The former Haarlem police duo Langendoen and Van Vondel used to play a questionable role in the tracking of drug trafficking by Mink K.

It is remarkable that the same ex-detective Langendoen recently did an investigation in Turkey into minors who would have been abused there by Demmink. He did this investigation at the behest of lawyer Adele van der Plas, who accuses Demmink of child abuse. Langendoen was unavailable for comment yesterday. If that's not a solid hint that Pieter Bakker Schut, Adele van der Plas, Klaas Langendoen, Mink Kok and the Baybasin heroin cartel are part of a criminal disinformation network regarding child abuse in the Netherlands, then I don't know what is.

However, the more one tries to understand the affair, the vaguer it gets. Langendoen and Van Vondel allowed drug shipments to pass through customs in order to be able to find and arrest the major mafia bosses behind the trafficking, a typical American strategy that before and since the IRT affair has largely been illegal in the Netherlands.

A June article explains the affair in the following manner: Criminals didn't import kilos [of cocaine] with help from the Dutch police, as the Van Traa Commission concluded, but 15, kilos of cocaine has been brought to market.

But for the rest everything is a-okay. Various justice officers, an independent Wierenga Commission , the parliamentary enquete [Van Traa] commission and the rijksrecherche [FBI] never managed to fully clarify the IRT affair. What is certain is that under the leadership of two Haarlem detectives, Langendoen and Van Vondel, who worked for the IRT team, about , kilos of soft drugs was brought onto the market during infiltration attempts [i. But many questions remained unanswered.

It is unclear, for example, how the police financed the drug imports and there was evidence that cocaine was imported royally. Teeven and his chief officer H. Vrakking - who in decided to dissolve the IRT team Teeven recently opened negotiations with the for arms trafficking sentenced Mink K. We could bring in almost anything: Kok was arrested in August in relation to an assassination a year earlier. Found at one of his safe houses were ninety-three kilograms of cocaine, three sub-machine guns, a gun silencer, two bayonets, ten live hand grenades, fifty-six kilograms of Iremite high explosive, eight bolt-action rifles, nine automatic pistols, two revolvers, seven sawn-off shotguns and nearly twenty-seven thousand rounds of live ammunition.

Despite this finding, Kok's role in the IRT affair, the importing of cocaine, and especially his relationship to Langendoen and Van Vondel have never been clearly spelled out.

We are forced to tie together bits and pieces. The first of these bits and pieces emerged in with another arrest of Mink Kok.

This time even more weapons were found, with the police having begun to suspect that he was involved in the import of 15 tons of cocaine: In the empty apartment, detectives discovered more than weapons, including P machine-pistols with laser-sights, grenade launchers, infrared night-scopes, riot guns, bullet- proof vests, electronic detonators with remote-controls, and , XTC pills with the cartoon logo Tom and Jerry.

Kok soon walked free after it was apparently leaked out on purpose that he was a government informant. In more pieces surfaced with the trial of Kris J. Kris was also a recruit of the IRT group.

In more information was brought to light during a trial in which a prosecutor believed that Kris was still enjoying government protection. The prosecutor brought forward a formerly secret government document in which it was explained that Kris J. Langendoen is cited in the same document: Kris was not able to transport narcotics to the Netherlands without us.

The government took care of a lot of the work, such as clearing, transportation, the papers, and to make sure that the containers weren't inspected with each new operation. That's how Kris J. Kris had enemies in the Netherlands, but a lot of credit in the organization in South America, consisting of Colombian criminals. Thanks to him a lot of money was made by them. Of the negotiations with Kris J.

The government didn't want that. Maybe [he] needs [protection] a whole life. It appears Langendoen and Van Vondel knew all about it. And so did their alleged American partner: Scrapped from the IRT report was the fact that Van Vondel and Langendoen had set up a factory in Ecuador with finances coming from drug traffickers working as U. The Dutch government tried to get an explanation from American DEA officials, but these decided to hide behind their diplomatic immunity.

Nieves apparently was among them. The name Robert Nieves makes a lot of sense as a partner of the Dutch cocaine importers. First, because these type of controlled pass-throughs are typically a thing of the Americans.

These type of operations are highly unusual in the Netherlands. Secondly, in the early s Nieves was head of the DEA's cocaine investigation section and in that function was deeply involved in the effort to infiltrate and undermine the Medellin and Cali cartels.

For those that don't know: Curiously, in the late - early period both cartels were trained by Mossad colonel Yair Klein and British special forces in military tactics and assassination. Clearly this had a lot to do with these cartels becoming so hard to take down. While there is a video of Colonel Yair Klein training the Medellin paramilitary unit, most likely Nieves will still refer to it as a conspiracy theory, as he has been doing extensively when the work of Gary Webb or related publications are brought up.

The fact is that there is every indication that Nieves was dirty while serving Costa Rica. One adiitional anomaly with regard to Robert Nieves is that contra leader Dr. Hugo Spadafora is tortured to death a week after informing Nieves about Contra drug trafficking in collusion with General Manuel Noriega of Panama.

Asked what Spadafora discussed with him, Nieves' only answer is nothing important. Nieves chases them down and almost gets one of them, Joseph Kelso, killed by suggesting to the Costa Rican police that they provoke Kelso into resisting arrest.

In , after retiring as the DEA's chief of the international division, Nieves goes to work for Guardian Technologies, a body armor manufacturing company in Virginia. In Fernandez was charged with obstruction and false statements regarding Iran Contra, but these charges were later dismissed when the attorney general refused to release information necessary for Fernandez's release.

Prado's youth friend is Florida mafia boss Alberto San Pedro, described in the newspapers as a top cocaine dealer in Dade County and a major corruptor in Hialeah [with] lots of powerful friends in important places -- from Hialeah City Hall to the governor's mansion to the Capitol in Washington. Hialeah, a suburb of Miami with the highest percentage of Cuban immigrants.

I'm concerned that Mr. San Pedro is sort of being cast under a shadow [due to a murder conspiracy conviction] It has been a long time since the criminal offense for which he's requesting pardon was committed and he has an impressive statement of his community record.

As the same newspaper article explains, San Pedro was subsequently arrested Feb. From to Bob Graham was a senator. During the Iran Contra days under the ultra-right Ronald Reagan administration things changed.

Prado was recruited by the CIA and sent oversees to help train the Contra armies. Of course, the White House also needed experienced drug traffickers to import Contra cocaine in return for weapons.

In any case, Prado was a fast riser. Here is his background, taken from his biographies at Falken Industries and Crosshatch International, where he respectively serves on the advisory board and the management board: Prado spent his first ten years at CIA as a paramilitary officer, including 18 months of service in Central America as the first CIA officer living in the anti-Sandinista Contra camps, running counter-terrorism operations in Peru and the Philippines.

He is fluent in his native Spanish. Claimed bin Laden had tried to kill him in Sudan. In charge of the CTC's bin Laden tracking unit in this period.

Ran the CIA's extraordinary rendition flights to torture terrorists in third world countries. Ambassador at large and coordinator for counter-terrorism, State Department, under President George W. Bush December - November Prado was also reportedly put in charge of a targeted assassination unit, that was never put into operation. The CIA shifted to drones. But according to Wright, the CIA handed over its hit squad operation to Blackwater, now called Academi, as a way to kill people with precision, without getting caught.

Prado is said to have negotiated the deal to transfer the unit, which Wright wrote marked the first time the U. As to whether the unit was then put into operation, two Blackwater contractors tell Wright the unit began whacking people like crazy beginning in Prado also popped up two years ago in a report by Jeremy Scahill of The Nation, in which the now ex-CIA Prado was discovered to have built up a network of foreign shell companies to hide Blackwater operations, beginning in The Nation also revealed that Prado pitched an e-mail in to the DEA, explaining that Blackwater could do everything from everything from surveillance to ground truth to disruption operations, carried out by foreign nationals, so deniability is built in and should be a big plus.

After Blackwater gained notoriety in for having privatized the War on Terror, Prado set up his Constellation Consulting Group, which carried out its own private anti-terrorist operations around the world, in Mali and Niger among other places.

Hoskinson, a senior intelligence officer who held a speech at Le Cercle in promoting the geopolitical strategies of Brzezinski. By this point the reader may have almost forgotten what we were talking about in this section: As the reader can see, Nieves has had his fair share of bizarre ties and friendships, all of them linked to illegal CIA and DEA operations of the most sensitive kind. It should be clear at this point that Nieves himself was rather closely involved in the Iran Contra affair and good friends with Colonel Oliver North.

Looking back at the Netherlands it would make sense to ship Cali cocaine to Mink Kok, considering he might well be the Netherlands most important illegal arms dealer. There's little doubt he acquired these weapons with some degree of government backing. Unverified claims have even been made in the Dutch underworld that Kok has been photographed with Oliver North in Germany.

Considering Kok is part Jewish, knows how to speak Hebrew, studied the Torah and spent time in the Kibbutz, one can also assume that he has Mossad ties. In he was arrested in neighboring Lebanon, where he is married into the influential Qoleilat family, in the possession of 53 kilos of cocaine.

Kris was allowed keep the proceeds of his drug trafficking and Kok obviously got his share. There's a good chance that Kok was required to purchase or move weapons in return.

But in the early s the Cold War and Iran Contra were a thing of the past, so we don't really have a clear outside motive for the IRT affair except to say that black market weapons would come in handy in many places of the world at any time. Robert Rubinstein joins the anti-Demmink party According to Rubinstein, it were Adele van der Plas and Micha Kat's financial angel, Jan Poot, who inspired him to set up the foundation, the website layout of which shows remarkable similarities to Micha Kat's Klokkenluiders Online and a number of other anti-Demmink sites.

Bericht door Mahalingam » Ma Mei 10, 1: Bericht door Mahalingam » Ma Mei 10, Bericht door stropke » Di Mei 11, Bericht door Mahalingam » Do Mei 13, 3: Bericht door Ariel » Di Mei 18, 3: Bericht door Mahalingam » Vr Mei 21, 2: Bericht door Mahalingam » Di Mei 25, 5: Bericht door Mahalingam » Zo Mei 30, Bericht door Mahalingam » Wo Jun 09, 9: Bericht door Mahalingam » Vr Jun 25, Bericht door Ariel » Di Jun 29, 5: Bericht door Monique » Di Jun 29, 5: Bericht door Mahalingam » Di Jun 29, Bericht door Ariel » Wo Jul 14, 3: Bericht door Mahalingam » Wo Jul 14, 9: De Islamisering van Zweden.

Citeer Bericht door Mahalingam » Di Apr 06, 2: Een oude man kreeg ruzie met een paar jeugdigen over parkeren en werd tegen de grond geslagen. Zijn vrouw van 78 uitte daarover haar ongenoegen en werd dood geslagen. Hier de nieuwsberichten op een rij: He's the youngest of three brothers, and all three are involved in the investigation.

The oldest 39 , owns the car while the younger one 36 admits he was present during the attack. The police say they have several witnesses and at least 20 people who say the suspect was the murderer. Wie in de Islam zijn hersens gebruikt, zal zijn hoofd moeten missen. Citeer Bericht door Mahalingam » Di Apr 13, 9: En er zijn burgers die hun stem laten horen en de straat op gaan om er tegen te protesteren. Dat zijn dus fascisten die bestreden moeten worden door de anti-fascisten.

Dit weekend waren de antifa's er met man en de anti-moskeeters met man. De politie was met man en die hield de twee groepen gescheiden. Police formed a human barrier as the demonstrators shouted slogans at each other from a distance of metres at lunchtime on Sunday. A heavy police presence prevented attempts from both sides to cross the lines just days before construction is scheduled to start on a new mosque at Keillers Park on the island of Hisingen.

Citeer Bericht door Ariel » Do Apr 22, 5: De Zweedse anti Islam Skåne Partij heeft posters opgehangen in Malmö, waar Mohammed naakt op afgebeeld is naast zijn 9 jarige vrouw Aisha. Er is aangegifte gedaan bij de politie, en men spreekt van haat actie.

De anti Islam Skåne Partij zegt dat daar geen sprake van is, want dat men Islam aanvalt en geen moslims. Inmiddels zijn er al een aantal posters vernield, en de Muslim Association of Sweden eisen excuses. Ik heb geen afbeelding van de poster op internet kunnen vinden. The posters portray the prophet Muhammed naked with a 9 year old wife by his side.

The posters have been reported to the police by both the police and at least one person. The reporters think it could be hate speech. We're attacking Islam, not people who believe in Islam. We consider Islam to be very dangerous and psyco-social infectious disease," said Carl P Herslow, head of the Skåne Party, who thinks the posters defend freedom of expression and the press.

The party held seats in municipal councils in the past. In the elections the party got 1. The party will run in the next elections. He heads the municipality's recently established Dialog Forum, where different groups in Malmö can convene to discuss "the values that divide and unite". We appeal to all Muslim groups not to let themselves be provoked. The Skåne Party is a small, isolated sect," he said.

According to the Skåne Party, at least nine of the posters were vandalized since they were put out Monday. The party did not want to say who designed the cartoons. Citeer Bericht door Mahalingam » Do Apr 22, 6: Die Skåne Party is een randverschijnsel. Originally the party advocated full independence, as a republic, but later altered position to back devolution within the Swedish state. Lately however the party has again re-iterated a desire for full sovereignty.

As the party has become more extreme its electorate has shrunk and it is today not represented in any council, gaining only 11 votes in the Swedish General Election Citeer Bericht door Ariel » Do Apr 22, 8: Mohammed met een uitgezakte zak Leuk is anders, maar het is wel zoals het is Citeer Bericht door Mahalingam » Vr Apr 23, 4: Hier wil men de schoolarts dienst inschakelen want de enige manier om het te weten te komen is ter plekke kijken.

En als Somalische ouders zeggen dat ze er niet aan doen, kan je ze dan geloven? Nee, dachten de autoriteiten in Uppsala. Uppsala social workers forced the then year-old girl to submit to the examination to see whether she had been subjected to genital mutilation circumcision while on a family holiday in Kenya in The girl was collected by police from school shortly after returning from a visit to relatives.

In taking the municipality to court, DO argued that officials had made no effort to gather evidence that would enable a proper decision to be reached.

The girl herself was not given a chance to explain her situation and she was not offered any extra support. The social services' actions were based on the family's ethnicity. The child's rights and the rule of law were set aside," Linna said. The municipality argued in return that the girl's family showed reluctance to cooperate in the social services' investigation, but the district court rejected this explanation.

The family's ethnic origin "permeated the municipality's entire management of the case", the court argued in its ruling in favour of DO. Citeer Bericht door Mahalingam » Wo Apr 28, 4: En wat doet dan de overheid?

Die zorgt voor verplaatsing van het schooltje naar een veiliger plek. De bewoners moeten met de situatie zien te leven. Youth gang forces Malmö pre-school closure A pre-school in Malmö's Rosengård district was shut down on Monday morning in the interests of staff safety following an extended period of threats and harassment from a gang of local youths. Around the pre-school lie shards of glass while the front of the building is marked by a bullet hole, the source of which is unknown.

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